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here you can see the homepage, it starts loading then appears a logo on the left frame, but when it loads the new swf on the main frame two things happen:
I see a big black square before the swf is loaded and the logo disappear, but if i click on the position where it was ( or I refresh the browser) it appears again...
This happens in safari, while in chrome i see a big square before loading and then it works better...
in firefox it doesn't start :(
this is the code for the frameset

<frameset cols="10%,90%" frameborder="NO" border="0" framespacing="0" rows="*">
<frame src="UntitledFrame-16.html" name="bannerFrame" scrolling="NO" noresize >
<frame name="mainFrame" marginheight="0" scrolling="NO" noresize src="home.swf">


Where is my mistake?

(Then if I set a margin heigth to the main frame I see the margin as a big black line (again)
is it possible to set it to white?)

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