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You know how you have drop down menu bars, well can the menu bar be fitted somewhere else on the page, like for example, if I had two boxes.

One was rectangular

Another was Square

The rectangle had the main links on it

And whenever a person did a mouse over or clicked on the main link, a bunch links would appear in the square. Now I want it to be a kind of animated square.

Say like a scrolling square. Hard to explain this...

Any one ever played Warcraft 3?

When you switch to another menu. The whole interface goes up then down with like chains moving down and the other chain moving up, with like a gear and cogs moving the chains.

Yea basically I want an animation with links that basically do that.

Also you know how a link is clicked on, is it possible to have a small animation somewhere in the screen that has gears and cogs moving and chains moving up and down.

Also I want to know when a person is moving their scroll bar, because when the person moves their scroll bar the gears and cogs will move in tandem with it. So kind of like a big chain moving when they move down the screen

Some sites I have seen have like pictures in the background and I move my screen using the scroll bar the pictures move with my screen. How do they do that and is it possible to do that with an video?

Is it flash I should be looking in or something else?

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