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I'm designing a stock search, and developed the look in Flash.. I have an input box for the search with the variable name "stocksearch" and I have a submit button with the following actionscript behind it.

Code: [ Select ]
on (release, keyPress "<Enter>") {
        sitesearchVAR = 'stockframe.php?stocksearch=' + (stocksearch)
        getURL('(sitesearchVAR)', 'stocksframe');
  1. on (release, keyPress "<Enter>") {
  2.         sitesearchVAR = 'stockframe.php?stocksearch=' + (stocksearch)
  3.         getURL('(sitesearchVAR)', 'stocksframe');
  4. }

I'm trying to place what a user types in the input box on the end of this URL: "stockframe.php?stocksearch=" and then load it in the frame as displayed in the code. I just can't get the getURL to use the variables data as the URL. If someone could help me out or show me what I'm doing wrong I'd appreciate it.

P.S. the PHP part of the script is already in place. Typing in stockframe.php?stocksearch=goog pulls up Google stock information.

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