a good FPS rate for slow and fast machines alike?

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I made a flash intro posted here in the Website Reviews forum http://www.ozzu.com/website-reviews/site-review-flash-intro-for-wedding-photography-t31859.html and am going to be re-ordering a fair amount of the photos in their sequences. Since I am going to be changing so much of what is currently made I am going to try and further optimize the flow of everything. I witnessed this intro last night on a pretty slow computer(processor) on a dsl connection, and the intro was going so slow that I was kind of embarassed..

I currently have the fps set to 25, and heard that it's ok for faster machines to use a speed like that, but not so much for slower ones because it might bog down the persons slow computer.. I am thinking about going with 16 fps since I heard that the human eye is said to be capable of seeing individual frames up to 15 fps. I don't want to end up with choppy looking flash..

Can anyone with some knowledge about this enlighten me? What are some of the average fps rates that you other flash users work with?

Thanks in advance
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I've been using 20-30, & staying away from odd numbers.
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I personally use 15 fps and and get fine and very smooth animation from it even when mixed with after effects. Heres a example Im working on.

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