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I started the creation of a fairly simple website in flash, I did not touch the code but I realize that AS is essential even for a simple interactivity.

I would like, when I click on the "news", the scenario goes, first read the frames 30 to 40, then arrived at 40, continues with 85 frames to 95.

Here is the code for the moment jai: (MouseEvent. CLICK, gotoNews);

gotoNews function (event: MouseEvent): void
gotoAndPlay (30);

Then a code stop (), the frame 40

With this I read the first part of my animation, tell him how to read the following 2 animations?

Thank you!

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On frame 40 do similar as you have except gotoAndPlay(85)

It looks like you are using AS3 even though you didn't specify it, so on frame 40 you'll need to set up a listener such as you have for your click event. The listener you establish depends on how you want to get to frame 85. It could be another click event or an onEnterFrame event. If you want them to click a button to get to frame 85 you'd set up an almost identical click event for that button instance.
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Thank you for your quick response!

But it can not work in my case:
Indeed, I have several buttons (PRESENTATION, news, contacts etc...)

In my timeline, I have several "parties":
- PRESENTATION top (frames 1 to 29)
- PRESENTATION end (frames 30 to 40)
- CONTACT early (frames 41 to 60)
- CONTACT end (frames 61 to 84)
- Start NEWS (frames 85 to 95)
- NEWS fin (96 to 105 frames)
there are stop (); at the end of each part

I'm in Part PRESENTATION (at frame 29).
- If I click on NEWS, I wish I read that it the end of the game PRESENTATION (30 to 40), then the beginning NEWS (85 to 95)

- If I click on contacts I would like to me that it reads the end of the game PRESENTATION (30 to 40), then the CONTACT beginning (from 41 to 60)

Thank you!

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