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Hi all hope anyone can help me. Like so many other people I see I'm trying to edit a Flash template.

All in all there are 6 pages of content to this flash web site.
each page of content is a movie clip in adjacent frames (1-6)
in another movie clip called pages on the main time line.
There is a script here that sets

there are five buttons that are used to navigate the site for each the onClipEvent (load) num=2 or 3 to 6 respectively.

that value represents the frame number on which the movie clip that contains that buttons page within MCpages.

Ok so in each movie clip that is a page eg: MCaboutus or MCcontactus
the clip will play to a stop point with the instructions

Code: [ Select ]
  1. stop();
  2. _root.animation=1;

after that the is a frame label "pl1" and then the last frame has the instructions:

Code: [ Select ]
if(_root.reverse_flag==1) {
  1. if(_root.reverse_flag==1) {
  2.     _parent.pages.gotoAndStop(;
  3.     _root.reverse_flag=0;
  4. }

Ok so the code for all the buttons is:
Code: [ Select ]
on(rollOver) {
    if (<>num){
on(releaseOutside, rollOut){
    if (<>num){
    if (<>num and _root.animation == 1) {
        _root.animation = 0;
        _root.link_prev =;
        _parent["but"].b1.useHandCursor = true;
        b1.useHandCursor = false; = num;
        _root.reverse_flag = 1;
  1. on(rollOver) {
  2.     if (<>num){
  3.         gotoAndPlay("bt1");}
  4.         }
  5. on(releaseOutside, rollOut){
  6.     if (<>num){
  7.         gotoAndPlay("bt2");}
  8.         }
  10. on(release)
  11. {
  12.     if (<>num and _root.animation == 1) {
  13.         _root.animation = 0;
  14.         _root.link_prev =;
  15.         _parent["but"].gotoAndPlay("st2");
  16.         _parent["but"].b1.useHandCursor = true;
  17.         b1.useHandCursor = false;
  18. = num;
  19.         _root.reverse_flag = 1;
  22.     }
  23. }

Firstly the part I dont understand is the _root.link_prev =
Secondly i need the buttons to give the instruction gotoAndPlay("pl1")
in which ever is the current movie clip that is displaying the page content.
since the instruction to move to the frame that "num" equals ie frame 4 or 6 or 2 and so is given in the last frame of that clip
what is the right why to direct the controller in that clip but receives the instruction from any of the buttons.

over all appearance is content moves on to screen, on release of any button the current content moves out and the content related to the button pressed moves in and so forth.

Can any one help?

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