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Hi! I know this comes up once in a while but the answers are never terribly clear... If anyone can help out I'd appreciate it. I have my flash files with libraries full of .pngs but I've lost the original .png files themselves. (More specifically, I've also lost my master Photoshop file with all the assets on individual layers, which I had used to make the .pngs, but I still have a flat bitmap version of that file to compare to, so I can tell whether I'm getting my assets back out of Flash in a lossless way.)

Following the suggestions here I've just made a new flash document, imported the library from my old flash file, placed the assets on the stage and I'm doing the image export thing. They were coming out blurred until I figured out that I needed to turn off smoothing. Here's where my question comes in:

What's the easiest way to turn off smoothing? (ETA: Ah, figured that out, I can select all the bitmaps and get a menu to change all their properties at once.)

And is there a way to write something that can do all this as a batch process? If so where should I look in order to try to figure it out?

I'm using CS4 at the moment, though the flash file I'm trying to get the bits out of was made back in MX2004 or something.

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