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Hello, ive spent many many weeks and time trying to get a flash form to
work. Ive posted on over 50 forums, NONE have an answer for me.
Ive ready 100`s of tutorials, but am left confused with the many many many
different variations of the php and actionscript code

please i simply dont know where to start:::

I will post a post that i put on other forums:

Hello, I need some serious help creating a Flash Form.

I Have used a template from another site with the following
input boxes:

Name: __________
Email: __________
Comments: ____________

However, i had the script working fine, along with its php script,
when i was trying to add more "text" boxes, i must have messed the script up somhow.

When I submit that form, the name is send and email, but the email is blank.. ie, there is no "comments"

here is the code:
on submit button:

on (release) {
// send variables in form movieclip (the textfields)
// to email PHP page which will send the mail
form.loadVariables("email.php", "POST");

sent email messege
// show welcome screen

__________________________________________________ ____

and the php script (mailer.php)

php form email.pho

/************************************************** *\
* PHP 4.1.0+ version of email script. For more
* information on the mail() function for PHP, see
\************************************************* **/

// First, set up some variables to serve you in
// getting an email. This includes the email this is
// sent to (yours) and what the subject of this email
// should be. It's a good idea to choose your own
// subject instead of allowing the user to. This will
// help prevent spam filters from snatching this email
// out from under your nose when something unusual is put.

$sendTo = "";
$subject = "My Flash site reply";

// variables are sent to this PHP page through
// the POST method. $_POST is a global associative array
// of variables passed through this method. From that, we
// can get the values sent to this page from Flash and
// assign them to appropriate variables which can be used
// in the PHP mail() function.

// header information not including sendTo and Subject
// these all go in one variable. First, include From:
$headers = "From: " . $_POST["firstName"] ." ". $_POST["lastname"] . "<" . $_POST["email"] .">\r\n";
// next include a replyto
$headers .= "Reply-To: " . $_POST["email"] . "\r\n";
// often email servers won't allow emails to be sent to
// domains other than their own. The return path here will
// often lift that restriction so, for instance, you could send
// email to a hotmail account. (hosting provider settings may vary)
// technically bounced email is supposed to go to the return-path email
$headers .= "Return-path: " . $_POST["email"];

// now we can add the content of the message to a body variable
$message = $_POST["message"];

// once the variables have been defined, they can be included
// in the mail function call which will send you an email
mail($sendTo, $subject, $message, $headers);


__________________________________________________ __

__________________________________________________ _

If anyone can see why the "comments" section is not being sent?

Also: My original problem was how do you add more text boxes.

I want something like this:


Ive spent days and days trying to work out how to first make a form that actually works, then add more text fields
Ive looked at many basic form tutorials, but they all seem to only have 3 or 4 text fields.. Name, Email, Comments... etc
I haven't a clue how to edit the script both in action script and php to add more fields easy.

I really need some help with this, its turning into a nightmare for me.

I can provide someone with my .fla project file if they care to take a look at what im doing wrong.


ps. Please note: "$sendTo = "";" = this line i know i must put in my own email.


Help Help Help Help please please, somone help..
trying to get an answer on this has almost turned into a full time job.

I Need "SIMPLE" steps on how to make a flash form

like this

Email Address
Comments Box

I Need to know "EXACTLY" in the php code i need to edit
I Need to know "EXACTLY" where in the action script i need to edit

Please Please, after almost 7 weeks of working on this im going crazy
can somone PLEASE PLEASE PLESAE help me, im prepared to pay at this stage


best regards..
a very tired and fedup

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