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I"m attempting to make a todo list interface. Unfortunately I don't know enough about textboxes and input.

I have a textbox, and I have individual buttons for letters and such. I want to be able to click the buttons to type into the box (this interface is to be used on a PDA with stylus). I also want the text to stay there for the next time the person goes to enter more. Probably with a save button (not created yet).

Also, I want the directional buttons that the PDA uses to highlight/select letters and enter them. (the PDA has an enter button).

Here is an image of how I've set it up. ... l/PDA1.jpg

As to the extent of action script that I know, really only know how to use buttons with timeline control, I have yet to learn how to use them in other areas.

I've tried places to look but I feel like someone bombarded in things that are too over their head (I was never a good programmer) and then can't separate what to use from what is not needed for the process I'm doing. Please, if you can, help me?
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Code: [ Select ]
btnName.onPress = function()
  textField.text += "something";
  1. btnName.onPress = function()
  2. {
  3.   textField.text += "something";
  4. }

where textField is the instance to the text field and btnName is the instance of a button.
Read the flash help for actionscript regarding Button or Movieclip class and Text Field class

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