Help with remote sharedObject (FCS)

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Hey yall, I have a problem using remote shared objects with FCS 1.5.
I'm creating the sharedObject in main.asc for the application, and it's showing up in the application monitoring admin panel. Then when I load a client, it connects to the server, and *supposedly* connects to the SO, but I cannot access any properties or use any functions.

For reference, this is a presenter/audience application, and all the other functions work; the video streams, questions and answers, etc. What I'm trying to do now is to create a special version of the audience client for an admin to control recording of the video stream for the presenter. I'm using the shared object to allow the admin client to call functions in the presenter client, but so far all I've managed to do is connect to the so, and I'm not even sure that is actually happening.

In main.asc I have:
Code: [ Select ]
    server_so = SharedObject.get("adminRecorder", false);
    server_so.setProperty("testVal", "testing");
  1.     server_so = SharedObject.get("adminRecorder", false);
  2.     server_so.setProperty("testVal", "testing");

then in my client (both presenter and admin), I have:
Code: [ Select ]
myConnection_nc = new NetConnection();
    so = SharedObject.getRemote("adminRecorder", "rtmp:/pres_beta", false);
    trace("so: "+so);
        trace("YAAAY! Connected to myConnection_nc!");
junk =;
trace("Junk:"+ junk);
  1. myConnection_nc = new NetConnection();
  2. myConnection_nc.connect("rtmp:/pres_beta");
  3.     so = SharedObject.getRemote("adminRecorder", "rtmp:/pres_beta", false);
  4.     trace("so: "+so);
  5.     if(so.connect(myConnection_nc)){
  6.         trace("YAAAY! Connected to myConnection_nc!");
  7.     }
  8. junk =;
  9. trace("Junk:"+ junk);

but the trace for the client shows:
so: [object Object]
YAAAY! Connected to myConnection_nc!

Why would this be happening?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

not exactly sure on the rules about this, but I'm offering $100 paypal for anyone who can solve my problem. I'm way behind deadline and this is just growing more and more frustrating for me.
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