Help with a Simple flash actionscript problem.

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i have this code in a movieclip called "button1" which is located in root:

on (release) {this.fade.gotoAndPlay(2);


fade is located in root too and that code works with the movieclip "button1" and "fade" no problem there but.
i have another movieclip in root which is called "list" and inside that movieclip is a button called "button2" and i have the excactly same code in that button2 as in button1 but when i click "button2" nothing happens.. button1 still works normally and it has the same code. what have i missed?

hope i was clear in explaining my probel ;)

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Code: [ Select ]
on (release) {this.fade.gotoAndPlay(2);

  1. on (release) {this.fade.gotoAndPlay(2);
  2. }

If that works for button1 then the fade mC is inside of button1.

When it comes to placing actions directly on movieClips this. starts the path from the Mc the actions are placed on.

Are you sure it's this.fade.gotoAndPlay(2); ?

on button2, try _root.button1.fade.gotoAndPlay(2);

Other than that if you are 101% sure fade is in root (_root.fade) then use _root.fade.gotoAndPlay(2); for button2 actions.

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