How to create multiple simultaneous images and text from XML

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I am in dire need as I am completely stumped. I have spent the past 3 days finding scripting and projects posted online and reverse engineering them to try and accomplish what I need. I am almost there, only I have hit a wall as it appears that I can not do what I want.

what I want = I am trying to create a list in flash. It is for a pseudo file directory that enables the client to update the listed content on their page to allow users to easily see what files are available to them for download.

what each line consists of = A file icon (set by the client), a file name ( that upon clicking will download that file by user), and a date of which the file was posted. There are all in all I think 15 lines thus giving my client the option of posting a maximum of 15 files which will all (ideally) will be updated from one xml file.

I have managed to hack together a script that reads the info from an xml file using CDATA that can generate one line of the mentioned above line contents. My problems arise when I try to create the second line. My AS2 seems to want to only allow one image to show up from the XML file at once. I even tried to create independent script for each "line's content" by having independent xml files, instances and the lot. To no avail though, I can generate all my text no problem, but even with the renaming of the instances for the image loader, it will not budge! Extremely frustrating.

Here is a visual representation of what I am trying to achieve


I have zipped together the FLA, XML, IMAGES and SWF (175kb). If someone could please take a look and give me thoughts? I am not against starting from scratch, I just need to get this complete and I am already running late on my project completion.

Let me add, I have a few stumbling blocks on this, the big one being I have very little experience with AS2 and XML. To make matters worse I can find ways of creating the text, I even managed to find a way to make the CDATA html link generate correctly in FLASH. However I can not seem to find any pointers towards having multiple simultaneous images that come from an XML file. All the examples out there all seem to be geared towards galleries and slideshows. I was finally able to find something that I was able to reverse engineer to get what I have currently (linked above), but even that has some script I can't seem to strip without breaking the image. So I have left it in there but ideally, I don't need any animation. Nothing fancy at all.

I know the easiest way to go about this would be by using external html and have it render in a text box in flash, but because this site has a back end CMS and I am trying to limit the amount work that has to go into getting the CMS to be able to update the content of 45+ bits of information, it would be much more ideal to be able to have all of it come from one xml file. Thanks to anyone that is welling to take a look at this.

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