how do I make photo album with fade overs + external load

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Question 1:
OK for example there are 3 images (i1, i2 and i3) and 3 buttons (b1, b2 and b3 - buttons are smaller versions of their corresponding images, as in a typical photo album.

Ok if I click b1, i1 fades in. If i then press b2, i2 fades in (over i1) and if I press b3, i3 fades in (over i2). Now if I press b3 and i3 fades in, then press b1... i1 doesnt fade in (cuz its on a layer lower than b3/i3.. so obviously it cant fade & overlap it). How do I solve this? What I want is something similar on the cadillac website (in the photo album of the cars area).

Question 2:
What I also want is for the images to be seperately loaded (as in not to be loaded when the whole flash movie is being loaded from the start) when their corresponding button is pressed (along with a 'loading' movie that appears while loading). This is so the user loads the initial movie quick, and then only the images he/she wants to load after (also to avoid the annoying wait in the start).

Any help is greatly appreciated.. thx yall.

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