How do I make a smooth scroll bar?

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Hi, I know I've already asked how to make a scrolling text box, but I've decided that to suit the site I'm making I'd like to have one that is smooth as you scroll up and down, not just going up or down in increments of one or whatever.
I need the text to be scrollable with a scroll bar, like a html page has, but I'd like to be able to make my own one. I have a picture in my mind of what it will look like, I'd like 10 or so lines of the text to be visable, while at the right hand side will be a scroll bar to allow you to see the rest of the text.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me.
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can you provide the picture that you have in mind?
i aint no mind reader .... yet. When i'll become one, you'll be the first one who will know.
you may refer to easing equations, or just to plain dumb browser scrollbar which is quite easy to achieve as long as you know how to solve a system with percents and pixel positions.
something like:
0% yPercent 100%
top yPixel bottom

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