how to put a small loader bar before a flv movie?

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Was wondering how to put a loader (pre?) bar before a flv movie or a large file anywhere on scene 1 in the flash 8 file.
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Here is a pretty simple preloader tutorial. ... r-MX/20360

You are going to run into a small problem with an FLV since the FLV has to be on the first frame of the timeline. So you'll need to make a separate movie for your preloader, and one for your FLV flash file.

In your preloader movie, put the preloader in frame one and when it's loaded goto frame two. In frame 2 you'll load the flash file that contains the FLV.
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Are you looking to preload the entire movie (one preloader before any content appears) or preload individual content objects like an image inside the interface? (the process is different for each)

True preloading of an flv isn't really possible because an flv streams separately from the rest of the flash movie. Flv files are also able to "buffer" which means they can play as long as the loaded portion is a head of the play head. So in this case you really wouldn't want to wait for the entire clip to preload when you could start playing right away.
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Post 3+ Months Ago ... 90610.html

or read the "Preloading FLV file" section in the flash help

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