iframe inside a flash - urgent!!!!!!!!!

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:shock: HEY, how do I call a html content from a flash?? like a iframe, but inside a flash document
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Code: [ Select ]
getURL("page.html", "iframeName");
getURL("pageToGet", "target" [, "get or post"] )
  1. on(release){
  2. getURL("page.html", "iframeName");
  3. }
  4. getURL("pageToGet", "target" [, "get or post"] )

If your refering to an iframe that is actually inside of an swf I wasn't aware that was possible.
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hey it is not placing iframe inside swf..but yes you can place over swf..there is an iflash component using which you will get a feeling that you are actually placing iframe inside swf and you can control your iframe dyanmically and that even easily using this component.
You can download iflash component from flashextensions.org

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