incredible not understandable AS2 bug

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Hi folks, I have a hear-tearing problem I can't resolve..
It seems so simple but doesn't work :(:(

I load data from an xml, no problem with it, but when I use it to send it to a function, the function doesn't recognize it... although if i hardcode the data, it works, when comparing the 2, flash tells me they are different, but when watching the trace output, they're identical.. anyone a clue?

have a look:
Code: [ Select ]
function bridge(imageurl){
    imageurl2 = "resources/photos/DSCFinale2009/large/IMG_4367.jpg";
    if(imageurl == imageurl2)trace('identical!!');
    else trace('different!!!');
    //_global.showimage(imageurl); //this one doesn't works
    //_global.showimage(imageurl2); //this one works
  1. function bridge(imageurl){
  3.     imageurl2 = "resources/photos/DSCFinale2009/large/IMG_4367.jpg";
  4.     trace(imageurl);
  5.     trace(imageurl2);
  6.     if(imageurl == imageurl2)trace('identical!!');
  7.     else trace('different!!!');
  9.     //_global.showimage(imageurl); //this one doesn't works
  10.     //_global.showimage(imageurl2); //this one works
  11. }
  12. bridge(x.childNodes[this.indice].childNodes[3].firstChild);

this gives me in the output:
Code: [ Select ]
  1. resources/photos/DSCFinale2009/large/IMG_4367.jpg
  2. resources/photos/DSCFinale2009/large/IMG_4367.jpg
  3. different!!!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

dahm! just got it.. I used the toString() function to clean the variable i sent to the function and now it works

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