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Hi everyone.

I have just made this test flash site with a little test story:

I am a total flash noob (just learned it today and created this site) so I am not used to thinking in Flash. But I will try to describe what my plan is and hope that you can direct me in the right direction.

What I want to achieve in the end is a sort of an interactive comic, where the reader will be able to browse through the comic with interactive sound that fits the story. So the music changes as you read the comic. And that the music changes at certain points in the story. In other words, the music will build up while the reader is looking through the images. Right now I have just made these two buttons that directs to the next frames where the next pictures are. What I need now is make the sound.

How I intend to do it is having some mp3-files that will get activated at a certain point in the story. I want to have multiple layers of sound playing at once (for example, in the beginning of the story there is a sort of background sound, later on a beat will get activated, and then more layers will be added later on). So my plan is to make multiple mp3-files containing all these layers that will get activated at certain points in the story (or, said in another way, at certain frames).

And now my question ... how is it possible for me to activate a sound file at frame 15 (for example) when the reader press the "next" button at that point? It has to be activated at this certain frame and with the same button that flips through all the frames. And is it possible to keep this sound file playing while others get activated at the same time as the reader continue through the story?

I hope you get my idea and that you can help me. Maybe I have a total wrong way of doing this (after all, I'm new to this) and if so, I hope you can lead me in a better direction.

Please tell me if you need more info :roll:
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try to use behavior in that frame
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import sound files into your library and then drag them to the stage on the frame where you want the sound to play. (you'll see a preview of the waveform in the timeline)

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