Javascript that tells Flash menu to go to a specific frame

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I'm new, but my question hopefully isn't. I've been trying different things for days now.

I've designed a site in Dreamweaver with a Flash menu. I'm trying to write a script to somehow recognize which page has loaded, and therefore, due to some variable or something, the javascript will tell the flash movie to go to a particular frame.

My javascript capabilities are lacking to say the least. I feel I've been down the right road using:

<body onLoad="document.flashmenu.GotoFrame(29);" ...> This worked in IE on PCs only.

I also tried to write a function like this:

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">

function goHere(){
if (window.location.href=="bios.html"){

With this in the <body> tags:

<body onLoad="function:goHere()"...>

Does anybody have a clue what I'm trying to do, and if so how, exactly?

I'd like it to work cross-platform/cross-browser if possible. Also, I'd like to make one script that could be placed in all pages via Dreamweaver templates.

Sorry for the ramble. I know what I want, i know I'm close, just can't seem to get there.



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