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Post 3+ Months Ago

I have found a possible solution to the problem that I wrote a book about in this thread

Instead of the admittedly flawed way that I had my movie set up before, I found that it might be possible to do something like this (which still may be flawed-please tell me):

Start with your main movie, load external swf#1 into level 1, in the last frame of swf#1 have an action to load swf#2 into level 1. Obviously I would continue in that fashion, loading the next movie in line from the end of each external swf. This would ensure that each movie would fully load and play every frame before the next movie loads, but-

My real question here is,

If a previous movie is still loaded although maybe stopped on its last frame and is parked on Level 1, and there is an action to load another movie onto Level 1 in its place, what happens to the first movie? Is it still loaded, or does it automatically unload and get replaced by the newly loaded movie?

Do I need to use the unloadmovie command if I do it this way? Where would I even put that command though if all the swf's are being loaded onto the same level. The unloadmovie command only dumps whatever level you specify, not an actual movieclip instance (I think..).

Suxx being the n00b..
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Post 3+ Months Ago

First of all, welcome! As long as my little project lends me some time, I love discussing and helping (and being helped) in Flash and ActionScript.

Now, here is the thing: In your case I would STRONGLY recommend you do NOT load external movies into levels (level1 or any level for that matter)...

You should consider creating an empty movieClip in the MAIN, MAIN movie, and call it something like movie_holder_mc, so it reminds you that the clip is actually empty and it's only reason of being is to hold the external swf...

That way you can always:
1) Know where the movie is, rather than guessing the level.
2) Solve unloadMovie() problems.
3) Prevent possible stacking order.
4) Be able to place the external movie where YOU want it to be, NOT at 0 x and 0 y without the need to script its properties...

...still looking at your "book" in the other thread there... :)

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