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Here's the situation. I have an Accordion on my main timeline, which has three nested symbols. One of these symbols has a Listbox in it and is intended to be used to getURL's i.e. external photo albums made in fireworks.

I have made an event listener:
var myListener:Object = new Object();


myListener.change = function() {
getURL(, "_blank");

You can see the hierarchy's structure here a little. Used the trace(_target.this) command to get the proper dot syntax target. I know it is working in that respects because the listener reacts and opens a browser window. The problem is that I am getting undefined as my data.

This shouldn't be, since I have assigned my_lb with a label and a data. This exact code works fine when the list-box is on the main timeline....

The data is and should react from the getURL function.

Got any ideas? :x

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