Listener and CuePoint for FLVPlayback

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Hi to everybody...

I've try to make a simple Flash animated menù.

I have a FLVPlayback component where I put inside a external FLV.
TO this FLV I've mark 3 step by cuepoint. To every cuepoint I wish load an external .swf file (menù) into a empy MovieClip.
Well the movie start...The listener find the first CP1 (cuepoint1) and the animation stopped (PAUSE), a menu1.swf is loaded into a empty movieclip.

Now When I press a bottun on my menù, I WISH that the FLV go forward until the CP2 where I need to load a menu2.swf into emptyMovieclip, and afther again I want go to loop...

my_flvPb.contentPath = "fis10.flv";

//make the CuerPoint step
my_flvPb.addASCuePoint(1, "cp1");
my_flvPb.addASCuePoint(2, "cp2");
my_flvPb.addASCuePoint(3, "cp3");

this.createEmptyMovieClip("qui", 9);

//test cuepoint
var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
listenerObject.cuePoint = function(eventObject) {
if (rtn_cuePt = my_flvPb.findCuePoint("cp1" , FLVPlayback.EVENT)) {
trace("the cuepoint is: " +;
if (rtn_cuePt = my_flvPb.findCuePoint("cp2" , FLVPlayback.EVENT)) {
trace("Il cue point è: " +;

my_flvPb.addEventListener("cuePoint", listenerObject);

this code don't work good...may be I've bad used the if in listener.

I can't explain good my problem and You can find my project here:

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Post 3+ Months Ago

can you elaborate a little bit?

Does the menu not work at all?
Does the menu work, but inconsistantly?
Does the movie not load?

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