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Post 3+ Months Ago

Because of a recommendation from:
http://www.flash-db.com/Board/index.php ... eadid=8773
I followed this tutorial
http://www.flash-db.com/Tutorials/loadi ... php?page=3
to try to load info from an XML file to a Flash file, but something went wrong. It didn't work, and I can't figure out why. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong? Preferrably send me an attatched corrected file that works(? (I attatched the ziped files that I used, incluiding the tutorial on a .doc, the .xml file, the .fla, and the .swf. at http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/webfo ... did=836660)

Thank you
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Ok, I can't open your file size I don't use 2k4, but I can tell you a few things I noticed right off the bat.

1) <?xml version="1.0" encode="UTF-8"?> does not have to be included in a file being loaded into Flash.

Code: [ Select ]
<!DOCTYPE data[
<!ELEMENT title(comments, image)>
<!ELEMENT comments (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT image (#PCDATA)>
  1. <!DOCTYPE data[
  2. <!ELEMENT title(comments, image)>
  3. <!ATTLIST title name CDATA #REQUIRED>
  4. <!ELEMENT comments (#PCDATA)>
  5. <!ELEMENT image (#PCDATA)>
  6. ]>

Now I know the tutorial you read has these in there. But i'm not entirely sure why. Given how Flash reads XML files you have no choice but to write it a certain way, so what they are babbling about disagreeing on structure I have no clue. But these guys are genuises no doubt, so there must be something more that I am just not getting.

If you are using their code your stuff she be working just fine.

Oh, and another thing I noticed. You have no images in your .zip file. Could it be the images aren't loading because they don't exist? Or did you just forget to .zip them?

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