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I am loading bitmapdata from the library like this

linkageId = "landscape";
myBitmapData = BitmapData.loadBitmap(linkageId);

Than attach this bitmap image to a movie.

mc = this.createEmptyMovieClip("mc", 0);
mc.attachBitmap(myBitmapData, 0);

Can someone give me the code to load my image using loadMovie instead of from libarary and attach it to movie clip mc.
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Code: [ Select ]
loadMovie ("image.jpg", InstanceNameHere);

I think thats what you want. This piece of script will load an external image into a specific movie clip.
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Thats not my problem, I am already using the loadMovie like this
mc.loadMovie("image.jpg") and it works fine. I want to load this image into bitmap first and than attach it to the moive. Can I do this.
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You can do it the other way around.

BitmapData.loadBitmap only applies to the library, BitmapData doesn't have an external loading method, but it does have a draw method that can copy the bitmap representation of a MovieClip to a BitmapData object.

This isn't exact code, as you can see the loading is incomplete, it's only meant to show the order of what must be done to achieve this.

Code: [ Select ]
mc.attachBitmap(bmd, 0);
  1. mc.loadMovie("image.jpg");
  2. bmd.draw(mc);
  3. alterBitmapData(bmd);
  4. mc.attachBitmap(bmd, 0);

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