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Hi all,

I am trying to load a jpg ("myimage.jpg") from an MS access file and I'm having problems with it. I'll systematically say what's going on;

When I use dynamic text to display the path to the image in a textbox, the path is correctly displayed."myimage.jpg" is declared as an "image" in my the file "myasp.asp" i.e.

var = image(declared in the dynamic text textbox)

loadVariables("myasp.asp", 0, "POST");

It displays:


If I use the following line

loadMovie("myImages/myimage.jpg", "myplaceholder", "POST");

The image is displayed correctly. However, I am selecting the pictures at random so I need to use the line:

loadMovie("image", "myplaceholder", "POST");

This does not work. Is there anyway to declare the variable "image" in loadMovie in the same way as its done in dynamic text?

What I want to do is dynamically load image from an access db, where the images are selected randomly.

If I use dynamic text it displays the correct link to the image, but I can't seem to do it with loadMovie.
Big thanks in advance,

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