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I posted earlier about a carosell i was creating... i finished it and was wondering how to load that swf into my main movie so the carosell would be here:

at chadwilsonbailey.com
i want my carosell to be below the guy thats sorta praying. How do make it so my swf is there? do i load the swf from a url?
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you need to create an empty Movieclip , using the following code you will use createEmptyMovieclip to create one during run time and naming it content_box the 200 is the depth usually we use this.getNextHighestDepth()); to get the next available depth ...
then position the emptyclip's X and Y coordinates ...

now the Coordinates in flash differs , its the opposite ...
http://www.peachpit.com/articles/articl ... Num=2&rl=1

Code: [ Select ]
createEmptyMovieClip("content_box", 200);
content_box._x = 195;
content_box._y = 92;
  1. createEmptyMovieClip("content_box", 200);
  2. content_box._x = 195;
  3. content_box._y = 92;

not done yet ,

Now we use the loadMovie to load your external swf , you can as well load images during run time ...
using the content_box we created earlier , this is how its done :

Code: [ Select ]

You can as well use another way than loadMovie which is the Moviecliploader class , but u dont want 2 confuse your self

Use the first method i told u about first then try the moviecliploader class ..

good luck :)

http://livedocs.macromedia.com/flash/mx ... 01519.html
http://livedocs.macromedia.com/flash/mx ... 01491.html

MovieclipLoader class
http://www.adobetutorialz.com/articles/ ... ader-Class
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Post 3+ Months Ago

thank you very much that worked perfectly
i got my 4 slide shows swf's to load great

question. i have mp3 players in sub folders
each has its own playlist.xml and config.xml
i wanted to load these to main also but i need to access the .xml files
as well,any sugestions?

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