loadmovie/preloader problem! help!

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Hello everyone!

Here I am facing an issue I've been avoiding for a longtime... mainly because I use flash most to create offline content. And because I'm a newbie in terms of Actionscript...

I have this presentation ready to go... I have this "main.swf" with a bunch of buttons that load others swfs, using loadMovie. It works perfectly the way it is. What I need now is just to add preloaders so all swfs can be loaded when this presentation goes online.

Since I've never done this before, I'm quite confused on how to manage things in order to make this happen. So here's what I'm looking for:

1. At frame 05 in the main timeline of the "main.swf", I have this code:
Code: [ Select ]
loadMovie ("05.swf", "target05")
  1. stop();
  2. loadMovie ("05.swf", "target05")

and in another layer at the same frame 05 I have a MC named "target05".
Where do I have to put the preloader? At the first frame in "05.swf"? in the MC "target05"? At frame 05 in the "main.swf", but in a different layer? I simply don't know what to do...

2. I designed a preloader with no bars... only with a numeric field showing the percentage. What should be the best code for this preloader? And where do I put this code? In the preloader itself? In the frame 05, in "main.swf"? Or somewhere else?

I'm really sorry for trouble you guys, with what I think (and hope) to be a simple and dummy question, but it really gets me confused. I'm sure a step-by-step answer will definetly help all the AS noobies with this preloader/loadmovie issue....

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

search this forum for flash preloader, search google for flash preloader. You'll find plenty of samples.

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