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I hope some one out there can help me as time is running out for me!

I have trawled the net looking for help with localconnect. I know what it is for and what it can do, but I don't know enough about Actionscript to decypher the code in the examples I've seen to apply/modify it for my own needs. (I'm fairly new to Flash.)

My situation is this; I have a frameset (index.htm) containing two frames (mainFrame.htm, rightFrame.) mainFrame.htm contains info.swf and rightFrame.htm contains menu.swf. Within menu.swf there are four buttons, I'll just take one for this question, the music button, which has an instance name of music_btn. What I want is, that when the music button is clicked that the playhead in info.swf will gotoAndStop on a given frame number (in this case 2, there are four frames in info.swf, each containing a movie clip which contains the information for that page.)

My apologies if I seem to have over explained my situation, but the deadline for completion of this site is fast approaching, and I foolishly left the linking of the buttons until last and I haven't got the time to buy/read/comprehend an Actionscript manual or come up with a a plan B. So if anyone out there can give me exactly the code I need (and where to put it) I will be eternally indebted.

Thanking you in advance,

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