mailling form in flash movie...

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Post 3+ Months Ago

i've tried downloading many source files from
and other websites ..but none ever worked ..

does anyone know any websites that has one that actualy works..?
could work with xml,php, anything ...

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Post 3+ Months Ago

There was Another Topic that I had posted a resource for, and I think that the resource I shared may be more appropriate for you than for the other person I was trying to help.

I copied and pasted my reply from the other topic, here's the reply:

uknightuss wrote:
Here is something helpful and relevant to your current situation:

A Good Tutorial which has Flash sending variables from a form to a server side script- ... _email.htm

This will help you go in the right direction for what you want to do, at least I think so, and it's a simple tutorial!

If you find out Like I did that your server does not support PHP Scripts, then I have a modified version of Kirupa's tutorial that uses an ASP Script instead.

In Fact, here is the ASP equivalent of Kirupa's PHP Script:
Code: [ Select ]
SendEmail Request("email"), "YOU@YOURSITE.COM", "SITE FEEDBACK", Request("message")

Sub SendEmail(ByVal strFrom, ByVal strTo, ByVal strSubject, ByVal strMessage)
    Dim objMail
    Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")
    objMail.From = strFrom
    objMail.To = strTo
    objMail.Subject = strSubject
    objMail.BodyFormat = 1
    objMail.MailFormat = 1
    objMail.Body = strMessage
    Set objMail = Nothing
End Sub
Response.Redirect "http://www.DOMAIN.COM/index.htm"
  1. <%
  2. SendEmail Request("email"), "YOU@YOURSITE.COM", "SITE FEEDBACK", Request("message")
  3. Sub SendEmail(ByVal strFrom, ByVal strTo, ByVal strSubject, ByVal strMessage)
  4.     Dim objMail
  5.     Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")
  6.     objMail.From = strFrom
  7.     objMail.To = strTo
  8.     objMail.Subject = strSubject
  9.     objMail.BodyFormat = 1
  10.     objMail.MailFormat = 1
  11.     objMail.Body = strMessage
  12.     objMail.Send
  13.     Set objMail = Nothing
  14. End Sub
  15. Response.Redirect "http://www.DOMAIN.COM/index.htm"
  16. %>

If you do want to try the ASP version of the script, then follow Kirupa's tutorial step by step, and when you get to the part where it says to add this code to a button:
Code: [ Select ]
form.loadVariables("email.php", "POST");

Just change it to:
Code: [ Select ]
form.loadVariables("email.ASP", "POST");

My friend actually wrote this ASP script as far as I know, and I really personally know nothing about it other than how to change the basic variable names. Insert your email address instead of "YOU@YOURSITE.COM", and insert a subject line for the email message where it says "SITE FEEDBACK". The one thing I know about this script though is that the PHP script didn't work on the server but This ASP script did!

The line where it says "Response.Redirect "http://www.DOMAIN.COM/index.htm", I'm really not sure about... You can/should use your own website address, but I'm not sure if that line is optional in the script or not.. In other words, can it be removed? I don't know, maybe someone will answer that one for me and you!

I hope this helps you!

This email script DOES work, I am currently using it on This Site on the contact page.

I hope that is what you were needing!

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