make graphic display another graphic, then close on click

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There seems to be some great info on this forum. Hopefully someone can help me out.

We are building a webpage that lists several products (jarred fruit) that each have two nutritional charts. To make the page as simple as possible, we'd like to list the products and create a link underneath that would "bring up" the nutritional chart when the user clicks on the specific size (24oz or 8oz). Then after the user has read the nutritional chart, they would have the ability to close the chart and select another product's chart to view.

Now we CAN do this as javascript pop up windows, but my fear is that with all the pop up blockers, the charts would get blocked. So I'd like to do it in Flash. Does anyone know know how to do that? What behaviors/actions to use?

FYI - I have very basic knowledge of Flash. In the past, I have created animated banners and linked them to webpages.

Thanks for the help!
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If your javascript is pretty good why not use dHtml layers and turn them on or off with javascript? I like flash as much as the next person but if you don't really need it (or don't learn enough of it to easily update your products at a later time) then I'd say do it the quickest way you can.

link to dhtml and display:none;

basically what your doing is using javascript to change the css style of a div

Code: [ Select ]
<div ID="info" style="display:none">content</div>


Code: [ Select ]
<div ID="info" style="display:block">content</div>
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you could create a window in flash and have on button click to _root and play window open and have it play open and load information by catchin a variable on load i just did this recently but thats only way i think you could do it with flash and ive done it so if you need help i can help heres and example of what i meant


click on the erie one should open window where u can drag by pressing side and holding you can also close it with the close box and open a new window


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