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I am making a map to put on a website, i have used image map to make certain areas clickable. Theses areas represnet different stores for a company. Currently , they link to a page for that particular store.

I have seen on some maps.. when you click on the area it bring up a small popup saying what it is or where it is.

Do I use flash for that? or is that javascript?

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you can use both, but preferable flash.
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There are several ways to accomplish this in flash,
i'd choose to 'attachMovie' to the stage; which grabs a pre-made movieclip from the libary and places it at a specified position and level.

an other alternative is to 'loadMovie' different elements into a blank movieclip that is placed then on a stage.

the loadMovie may decrease the over-all size of the file, but i'm not much an expert on this anyhow.

hope this helps.

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