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Hi I need a little help with this please:

On the root of my movie I have a empty container MC called 'container'.

I have a number of MC's that will load into this container via individual
buttons....lets say 'but1' loads 'MC1' into 'container', 'but2' loads 'MC2',
'but3' loads 'MC3' etc.

Each of these MC's is animated in two 'intro' which plays when
the MC loads and then it stops midway.
The last half is an 'outro' for smooth transition when it unloads before the
next MC loads.

What I need to know is how to:

a) write the correct syntax actionscript on each button that basically says:
on release, play the 'outro' of the current MC and once this has happened,
attach the relevant MC and play.

b) as the buttons (which load the MC's) can be pressed in any order, I can't
state the actual name of the existing MC to play the 'outro' of, so it needs
to play the current/existing MC's label 'outro'...whichever is there.

c) it needs to know when it has reached the end of the currrent MC's 'outro'
before it loads the new MC

(NOTE: I am NOT loading external swf's into my container.....the movieclips are all in the library of the one, main file.)

Hope I have written that clearly enough for someone to understand

Thanks in advance

Chris W
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for instance

on (rollover) {
Tell target ("movieclip") {
gotoandplay (frame Label/Name)

when you rollover button it will goto the frame layer you want to call up
and play it make sure to put a single frame before action in Frame that is labeled and use a stop action then in the rest of the frames put in the animation and then at the start of the animation (2nd Frame) goto the frame tab and label it Start on the first frame label it begining and on the last frame of the animation use

frame label beginning


on (rollout) {
frame label beginning

hope it helped if you like email me and i will send you an example of this !
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Have the same problem going on right now. I got it to work by removing the navigation and putting a back button in. I am not sure if this is what you want but you can look at how i did it @

I think there is also a way to set your current movie as a variable and then close the variable before opening another but that is over my head right now.

hope this helps

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