Navigating between scenes in Flash

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THX for reading :)

Im just implemented a picture gallery script into a movieclip called "gallery" that i have implemented
into a scene called "picture gallery". In the Scene "picture gallery" I have implemented a movieclip "called" gallery links" that have a button that points to the movieclip "gallery"
The problem is that when i try to leave the scene "picture gallery", it's always in the rest of the move, it does not go away when i press any of the other buttons in my movie linking to other scenes. What are im doing wrong?? im really stuck now.

I hope im explaining my self so you guys/girls understand my problem.

Im a new to flash, and im using FlashMX pro2004

Please explain well, if possible show an example.
If anybody has a solution to make this from scratch, i'll do that. dossent matter, it don't work now. Need what commands to put on buttons, movieclip & scenes, to make it work.

Thx in advance

Best regards

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