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Hi, I'm pretty new to flash, and although building pages is easy, doing it the right way so that your pages behave right when in context of a whole site, is something I'm finding a bit harder to pick up.

What I want to achieve:

I want a set of movieclip buttons that control external movies embedded into a blank movieclip container covering the full stage. The buttons will reside in nav_page.swf and will sit on top of the main file, welcome.swf, loaded into the container and played automatically.

The buttons will use an alpha blend to fade in. At the same time, I want the main page (welcome.swf) to be loaded into the container in the nav_page, and actally run the animation like it would as if it were the first page loaded - I've had problems so far as I can only seem to get it to load the last frame of welcome.swf, and I can't get it to run automatically when the nav_page opens.

When clicked on, the buttons will load up new movie clips into the container, over the top of the nav_page and the buttons (the buttons are for navigation on the welcome page only).


1) I'm assuming that as welcome.swf has a number of keyframes (i.e. more than 1), I'll need to set at least this many frames up in the navpage to play this movie in the container - is this right? Or does the container load the movieclip with it's own timeline?

2) I'm a newb, and so I might be doing this all backwards. I don't want the segments all on the same timeline, and I'd rather go for seperate movies (with a global preloader) to seperate my website.
Would I be better putting the buttons within the welcome layer? I thought this was an easier way, as otherwise I would have to create backgrounds for all the other pages so that the welcome page didn't show up behind the currently loaded page. Also, it seemed neater to have an almost empty page holding the container, as opposed to one with lots of objects and animation.

3) Anyone know the actionscript to get me movie to load my welcome.swf in automatically. I'm not really sure where to put the actionscript even! :oops:

4) Is there a way to play one movieclip then another at a button request? For example, if I wanted to change pages, and there to be an animated transition between the two pages (and proabable a preloader screen if needed). Could I create a global transistion, which when I click a button the transition would play, and then open the new page? I would want this to work so that I could have one transition, but the actionscript would play it, and then play the page of whatever the button specified.

Hope this makes sense. I have loads more questions, but I'm trying to keep this post as short as possible until I've got these issues sorted!

Any advice would be most appreciated, as I am a noob, but I like to learn new stuff, and currently I'm a bit lost. :)

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