Need help! Horizontal progression bar with dragable button?

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OK, I hope I can explain this clearly! :roll:

I have seen these sort of things before, but I am not even sure what they are I am basically having trouble finding help, or even anything to point me in the right direction through Google.

I am creating a CD-Rom presentation that is going to have several scenes (yes, I have to use scenes). On the top of the entire presentation, I am building a sort of "timeline" (for a lack of a better term).

The timeline is just a narrow bar that stretches the width of the document. It is broken apart into 6 pieces (for my 6 scenes). These 6 pieces of the timeline are clickable buttons that navigate to each respective scene. I have a small triangle directly under this timeline.

I want this triangle to start scrolling across from the left-most side of the timeline when the presentation begins, then finally reach the right-most side of the timeline at the conclusion of the presentation (after all six scenes). I would also like the end user to be able to click and drag this small triangle manually across the timeline (both forward and reverse)....which would actually serve as a "fast forward" and "rewind" type of functionality.

If it helps, I am not exactly a Flash guru...basically a pretty highly skilled graphic artist and master of html.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks!!!

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