NEED Help QUICK (my Final in Flash)

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ok, my problem is this
i have a button that is invisible in flash except for the hit area
when my mouse moves over it, it changes to the hand so i know that it is set up okay.
it is inside a movieclip.
when i press on the button, i want it to tell the scene that the movieclip is in, to move to frame 7.
so far it does nothing
my AS for the invisible button is:
on (release) {
_root.gotoAndPlay("About Us");

About Us is the label name for frame 7 on the main page
i have tried this every way i can think of, with and without the root, using ("Scene 2", 7) and many other ways but i just cant get it to work
any ideas?

this is my Final and it is due tomorrow at 1.
please, anyone with any ideas, please post them
i'll be up all night working on this.

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Have you tried using the tell target?

Code: [ Select ]
tellTarget ("_root") {gotoAndPlay(7)}

This should work!

Good luck on your final!
If you post your final on the web, send me a link so I can view it!

Thanks, and Good luck!
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Code: [ Select ]
on (release){
  1. on (release){
  2. _root.MN.gotoAndPlay(7);
  3. }

... where MN = the name of the movie clip the button is nested inside.
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Are there multiple scenes? If so, make sure that there aren't duplicate frame labels.

When compiling your movie, Flash takes all the scenes and combines them into one long timeline, so duplicate frame labels may be confusing Flash.

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