need help reducing file size for export...

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Hey Everyone,

I have a flash file that is 121 megs..and i can't get it to export. It starts to export but then says "Not enough memory".

Is there a way I can get this to turn into a swf somehow by compressing it or by some other means? i really need this movie to work so i can put it on the web. i can't really cut any scenes becuz it's a story and it needs all its contents.

i don't really have much experience with optimizing flash files for i really need some help here..if anyone has any suggestions that would be great...thanks in advance..
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Here are some steps you can follow that will help:

1. go to the library window, and click on 'delete unused items' in the dropdown menu.
2. Go to file> save and compact
3.restart your computer
4. close all applications but flash
5.try to export
6. if that doesn't work, buy yourself more RAM or a new comuter altogether

hope that helped

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