Need help on sending email on flash. Please Help

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Hey guys.. I been searching the forum for 4 hours now and still no solution.. I just finish a website using flash 8 and its up and going but one problem I got a contact box and I figure it can be useful for people who wanted to contact me..

So I decided to use it. Well.. The box is already pre-made for me and which I need to do the script myself.

on (rollOver){this.gotoAndPlay("s1");}
on (releaseOutside, rollOut){this.gotoAndPlay("s2");}
on (release) {
_parent.t1_2 = "Your full name:";
_parent.t2_2 = "E-mail address:";
_parent.t3_2 = "Your telephone:";
_parent.t4_2 = "Message:";

That is the code that is already on the button action. The vars you can see is t1_2 and so on.

I'm really confused about how I can send the information from the variable to my email.. Can you guys help me out with the coding? Thanks in advance for all your help :)
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What email component are you planning on using? ASPMail? Persits? JMail?

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