I need help with a combo box please!

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Im trying to get a combo box working, so that when the user clicks on a selection, it will go t o a frame.

I used the following code:

myComboBox.change = function()
if (myComboBox.value == "Public Relations") {
} else if (myComboBox.value == "Unity") {
} else if (myComboBox.value == "Finance/Fundraising") {
} else if (myComboBox.value == "Community Service") {
} else if (myComboBox.value == "Talent Show") {

(I got this from another site. Is there an easier way of doinng this?)

BTW, I get these errors:

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Committees, Frame=12: Line 20: '{' expected
if (myComboBox.value == "Public Relations") {

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Committees, Frame=12: Line 19: Statement must appear within on/onClipEvent handler
myComboBox.change = function()


What I want is for the box to work (it's called committees which located in the folder on the timeline committees )

Also, in the committees folder are the other frames that I want the combo box to link to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long explanation.

PS: i can email you the .fla file for it to be easier to look at
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Check out my solution to List navigation here at this link. Just change out the value parameter with selectedItem value etc.


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