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Hi guys....
I really need u guys help with my map application...since I'm stuck up here

u can see the mockup preview here..

as u guys can see and test the map.I already done with preparing the navigation and controller for the maps..but there is still minor issues occured..and realy need u guys help/ at least give me some shed on light how to overcomes it.. really need u guys help....

1.How to easing the map within map u guys obviously can see when the menu item being click the maps will ease to certain location based on assigning x,y coordinate read from array.But how to detect/rectify by the times the map easing is it the maps easing over beyonds the boundary or not,if so it will only easing within boudary only...not using that given coordinates....does make sense?

2.Regarding the bubble to keep it's remain their xscale and yscale property eventhough the map it u guys can see in the mockup...the bubbles also scaling together with the maps..pretty annoying...I try to keep bubbles scale remain by using this code but not to avail I guess...
Code: [ Select ]
//inside zoom in function
zoomin.onPress = function(){
    if (mapmc._xscale < maxScale) {
        mapmc._xscale = mapmc._xscale + scaleSpeed/0.5;
        mapmc._yscale = mapmc._yscale + scaleSpeed/0.5;
//////////////////// how to keep remain child scale ///////////////     
        orichildXscale = orichildYscale = (100/mapmc._xscale)*100;
  1. //inside zoom in function
  2. zoomin.onPress = function(){
  3.     if (mapmc._xscale < maxScale) {
  4.         mapmc._xscale = mapmc._xscale + scaleSpeed/0.5;
  5.         mapmc._yscale = mapmc._yscale + scaleSpeed/0.5;
  6. //////////////////// how to keep remain child scale ///////////////     
  7.         orichildXscale = orichildYscale = (100/mapmc._xscale)*100;
  8. ///////////////////////////////////
  10.     }
  11. }

3.I do manage keep the map within boundary upon dragging the maps..but the problem occurred when I start rescale the map I cant reach certain point on maps when I dragging the maps...(is it because of I'm setting off the boudary manually at the 1st places???) ..

Anyway sorry for th elong questions but at least give me some shed on light and point me to the rite path....I just really need help with it..then I'm done ;)....because it's just a simple and basic map controller I guess...hope I will get reply from u guys...thanks for u guys time and concern...

thanks in advanced...

in case u guys wanna see my current code and my mockup fla

any help are appreciate...

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