Need help with next, previous, pause animation.

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Hi My name is Richard. I am stuck with my first Flash project. I'd appreciate if you can help me with this.

1. Loading a series of movies at the beginning of the main_mc.

ie: movie_1.swf, movie_2.swf, movie_3.swf, and so on...
(so that the user does not have to wait for each .swf file to load - I would like to load ALL .swf files so they are ready to play immediately after eachother).

2. By using a 'nav bar', which will have 'next movie', 'previous movie' and 'pause', I would like to:-

A. Go to the next .swf file in order (ie. from 1 to 2, form 2 -3 etc...)
B. Go to the previous .swf file in order.
C. Pause the .swf file that is currently playing, and to play when the button is hit again. (pause/play function).
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Welcome to Ozzu Richard, hope you enjoy your time here !!

Anywho, your problem ...

1) Loading the movies seperately would be a better plan for the reasons below :
  1. Loading all three at once will take just as long as loading them seperately
  2. Due to the possible long load time, the user may get bored and wander away from your site
  3. There is a possability the user may never go to a part of your site that relates to every movie loaded in which case its pointless loading it

There are probably a few other but can't think of them right now.

2) Next and previous buttons can be accomplished using an IF statement to test for the current movie, the load the relevant movie depending on which button is pressed.

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