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hi all,
ok here is the scenario:
i currently have a preloader in one flash file as well as some buttons. the idea is that the preloader show the percentage loaded, bytes etc...
the buttons that appear after the preloader are going to be used to load other separate .swf files.
the problem that i have is that the preloader is just saying the total size of the .swf it is in, not including the two other files.

so the question obviously is how can i get a preloader to load the files and say the size of it's .swf and the two others .swf's (if that all makes sense)

cheers, waz.
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Hello wazzag,
Welcome to ozzu, i found you some preloaders at Swishzone which hopefully will help you further !
Good luck wazzag let us know how you get on.
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If i heard you right, you want the preloader of the main movie to preload not only the main movie but the the two loaded movies as well? As far as I know, the preloader only works for the movie it is placed in. I have always made a preloader for the loadMovies as well. Go to and search for preloaders, he has lots of tutorials, or just wait for LostInBeta or Unflux to get here Im sure thay can do a much better job! :lol:

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