need help with startDrag boundary??

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Hi there....

Okay just quick shoot here.....I want the panning to stop when it reaches the edge of the map, no matter what size the map has been scaled up to. It's a static map that the user can scale up and down to zoom in on specific features. The trouble is that when they pan the zoomed in map, they can actually drag the map off the edge, revealing the empty stage behind it.

So I've been setting the boundary constraints MANUALLY by try and error easing the maps to get exactly numbers to put in the startDrag properties

Code: [ Select ]

//startDrag(left,top,right,bottom);-->this properties being set manually...
  1. dummymap.startDrag(false,87,38,450,487);
  2. //startDrag(left,top,right,bottom);-->this properties being set manually...

BUT, the problem has occured when I start rescale the maps...the boundary has limited me in order to panning the map...the startDrag properties setting no longer cant be use....u can see the preview here and test it then u will get what I mean... ... raints.swf

So my big curiousity and questions is it possible dynamically I can change the setting properties for the startDrag() which is left,top,right,bottom.......for different map scale???

U can take look my current code below..and can edit as well...Unless give me some shed on light ...tq in advanced....

In case wanna see my file u guys can grab here... ... raints.fla

Ok really hoping someone can help me out with this....any help are really appreciated...

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Those links you gave are all dead, or is it me?
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Abelius wrote:
Those links you gave are all dead, or is it me?

Sorry Abelius.....the link is okay only the hosting co is the troubles one....sorry for unconvenience mate...
by the way.the startdarg boundary ones is solve ....just calculate the different width and height everytimes it's scale..if someone wanna see it just buzz currently I have with easing within constraints when "onScale=true" u guys can check my fla and here are my current code...

the problem is inside else portion statement...

anyway tq for ur times...
p/s: u can grab fla here...both cs3 and flash8 ...


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