Need iFrame coding help!

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I am having difficulty getting the following code to work:

ACTIONSCRIPT Code: [ Select ]
onClipEvent (load) {
   num = 2;
      button.onPress = function() {
         getURL("aboutus.html", "main_body");
  1. onClipEvent (load) {
  2.    num = 2;
  3.       button.onPress = function() {
  4.          getURL("aboutus.html", "main_body");
  5. }
  6. }

When I test the flash playback the button temporarily loops on loadup and then is ok. I also receive the following error: Symbol=menu_all, layer=item2, frame=3, Line 6 Unexpected ')' encountered. I don't have much Dreamweaver/action scripting experience but i've tried various combinations without any luck. I'm sure this is any easy fix but if someone could help me that would be awesome!

Thanks ahead of time!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

oh, this happens when you try to do things without understanding them.
That code would actually work if you knew where to place and if it would be for the correct version of actionscript.
But if you don't know the basics, can't help you.

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