i need a pro

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this is a tricky problem to explain ...
so if u would check out my link .. it is easy to see the problem ....
when goin to the resume section and scrollin my resume .... then changing screens the resume still appears ?
Can anyone fix this ?


and heres the FLA file

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I didn't download the .fla but I am guessing you are loading an external xml, html, or text file for your resume. Once you load the external file it is going to stay there. What you need to do is tell it to unload the file when any of the other buttons are pressed. Your problem can be solved simpley by adding an unload action to the other buttons.
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@Origin : nah, it's actually static text:D

The thing is that you have the Resume movieclip which contains a graphic
and that graphic contains the text and the scroller. I think you selected all the content from Resume and created a tween, so flash automatically created a graphic for that tween. The bad thing is that you have 3 keyframes, and in each keyframe flash will create new instances for the elements inside the graphics whenever you try to change their position.
To fix this, go in the first keyframe from Resume movieclip, select the content and press F8 -> convert to MovieClip, name it ResumeTween or whatever. Then clear the keyframes from frame 45 and 90 because there you still have instances of the graphic, and then insert again keyframes in frame 45 and 90 and write the stop() action, just as it was before.
Anyway, you should consider some things:
1. you can do all the tweening dynamically very easy, using the tween class.
2. make something about the resume text. If you keep it static, at least use a mask, because the text goes over the buttons, and it's not nice.
But you can do it dynamically and load the text into a dynamic text field, which you can then scroll. i.e.: text scrollers
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Very Nice ... so pretty much i had to make another movie clip before i did the tweening. I will remeber that in projects to come. Close this topic. Thanks for trying Origin, but IceCold hit the nail DEAD on !

ill be workin on the scollin things next .... so your tellin me that a Dynamic text box can let me scroll WITHIN the textbox ? ill take a look at the link u sent me :)

Thanks Again !

Strider !

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