Nested Movie Clip Not Playing

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Could someone please help me out on this small issue? In my flash file, I have a button called health programs. When a visitor's rolls over this button, all I want is for a nested movie clip to play a specific frame label (lincolnHealth). I wrote a function like this in my first frame of my main movie file:

Code: [ Select ]
function lincolnsubmenu(){
  1. function lincolnsubmenu(){
  2. if(lincolnsub=="lincolnHealth"){
  4. }
  5. }

lincolnsub is the variable, lincolnHealth is the frame label in the nested movie clip. On the button itself, I say this:

Code: [ Select ]


  1. healthProgramsBtn.onRollOver=function(){
  2. lincolnHealthMenumc.gotoAndStop("lincolnHealth");
  3. }

Then in my nested movie clip, in my first frame of AS, I set the variable and frame label like so:

Code: [ Select ]

  1. _parent.lincolnsub="lincolnHealth";

I know my button fires, my nested movie clip just doesn't play. Surely that makes sense to someone, if not I can elaborate further. This same problem has been nagging at me for three days now. Attached in the stripped down version. If anyone can give a hint, I would be extremely grateful.
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I sometimes have problems getting flash to target the variable correctly and I think that could be whats going on for you. You may want to try an explicit path to your variable like _global or _root (bad practice I know but it may get this working)

so do this

Code: [ Select ]

_global.variablename = "string";

onEnterFrame = function(){

onRollOver = function(){
  1. _global.variablename = "string";
  2. onEnterFrame = function(){
  3.   if(_global.variablename==string){
  5.   }else{}
  6. }
  7. onRollOver = function(){
  8.   movieclip.gotoAndPlay(_global.variablename);
  9. }

(you may not need the onEnterframe function depending on your file setup)

See if that works for you.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Thanks for the reply, I'll check out what you said.

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