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I'm doing a project that has a couple of different sections with different videos. The site also has other sections with no video... The site is using a lot of memory/resources... and i wonder if the netstream i'm using must be closed between sections? In other words, if the site is on a non-video section, should i force the video sections to close their respective netstreams? Will this help with resource management...?

Also - is there a way to detect the resources being used by the .swf?

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I would close the netstream when its not being used although I doubt thats really eating many resources on its own. Are you doing heavy bitmapImage filters or lots of transforms?

Also remember to delete onEnterFrames and the like if your done using them. Other than that I don't know of a way to detect what the swf is using specifically. You can open a browser check your resource list and then open the swf to see how the browser usage changes.

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