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I'm having a problem here. I am currently trying to create a rainbow using flash, but i have no idea how to do it. I'm trying to make the rainbow appear bit by bit from the horizon, until at last an arch of seven colours is completed. Please help, thanks a lot!

P.S. Can i use a rainbow image saved in my folder? or do i need to create the rainbow in flash? I'm a certified newbie... :(
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Yes you can use an image file for your rainbow. Do you have Photoshop or some image editor that will allow you to export files as gif? if so, you can render the background of the image transparent so that only the rainbow itself is visible. To import an image into your Flash file, select File/Import and select the file from the appropriate folder (ie; the one you saved the gif to).

How do you want the rainbow to emerge? If you want it to rise from the horizon like a rising sun, click on the keyframe that contains the image look at the properties panel. There will be a pull-down menu for Tween (doncha just love these words?) and lselect Motion Tween and move the rainbow down behind the horizon (which should be on a layer above the rainbow). Next, decide how many frames you need for the rainbow to rise, select the appropriate frame, right-click (or ctrl-click for Mac) and select Insert Keyframe. On the last frame, put the rainbow where you want it to end up and that's it. Play the movie. If you'd prefer the rainbow to gradually appear rather than rise (suns rise, rainbows appear), do the same as above but, instead of moving the rainbow, make the rainbow image a symbol by pressing F8 which will open a dialog box give the symbol a name (probably "rainbow" but, if you want to be individual, call it "Eric"). Select the keyframe for the last frame as above (making sure it is Motion Tweened) and return to the first frame, click on the rainbow symbol itself and a Color option will appear in the properties panel. From this select Alpha and turn the slider down to zero. This will make the rainbow disappear. The rainbow is fully visible on the last frame and the motion tween will gradually animate your rainbow from invisible to visible so it fades into view.

I hope this helps.


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