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Starting my first flash project l have managed to have it work but l am using a lot of code and l am not satisfied .

the project consists of - for the sake of argument - say 12 thumbnails which reside in folder "thumbs" and they are p1.jpg , p2.jpg, p3.jpg .... etc.
l have inserted all of them manually BUT what l would like is to have them loaded and placed where
l want them with actionscript probably with createEmptyMovieClip and a combination with Array of the
thumbs .
Now when l click on a thumb l get the full size appropriate image (p1.jpg presents img1.jpg , p2/img2 and so forth, which reside in folder "photos") but l have to have code for each one of them individually . Actually l've made an Array of the thumbs (p1,p2,p3,.....,p12) and l have tried just about every combination l could think of , but no luck .

Code: [ Select ]
for(i=0; i<13; ++i){
loadMovie(-----what?------- +".jpg",_root.holder);
  1. for(i=0; i<13; ++i){
  2. _root["p"+i].onRelease=function(){
  3. loadMovie(-----what?------- +".jpg",_root.holder);
  4. };
  5. };

Could someone help please to condense the code and make it look right .

Thanks in advance
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