page flip magnifying glass problem

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hey just thought i'd add this here aswell cus im quite despirate. you can delete it if i have broken the rules

hi ive fiddled with this for ages and ive got it working fully with my own sized
pages... which took ages but its done.

the problem im having is that people cant read the text on my magazine, so im wondering if its possible to add a magnifying glass to the pageflip script.

ive seen this done on other websites but i cant remember where they are now (doh).-so i know it is actually possible.

i followed a tutorial and the magnifying glass works on a static page, but when you add it to a page flip page it all gets abit more complicated. i think this is because all the page flip pages are dynamically loaded into place or something.

im not that good at flash i just wondered if anyone had done this in the past or who might know how to do it.
thanks alot!

tom - sirlambert attt gmail dot com
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You can ask for special page flip magnifier: ... onent.html

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